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Godfather OG Feminized



Godfather OG Seeds
The Godfather OG strain is an indica-dominant hybrid (60:40). It’s gained a following for its impressive THC level, which averages 25%. Some growers may only see levels reaching 16% THC, but experienced growers may reach 30%. The latest data showed some strains reach 34%, slightly behind 35%, the highest recorded THC level so far. The strain’s genetics give off a potent, whole-bodied state of serene bliss.
Plant type 60% Indica 40% Sativa
THC Up to 30%
CBD Insignificant amounts
Climate Indoors | Temperate | Continental
Plant size Average
Flowers 8 weeks
Yields 12 to 20 oz per 3x3ft
Taste & Smell Earthy | Pungent | Pine | Spicy
Effects Euphoric | Relaxed | Happy | Sleepy
Godfather OG Origins
Godfather OG has an origin story shrouded in mystery and intrigue, just like any mob boss worth their salt. Much of what we know is passed on by word of mouth. What we do know is that this is one potent strain ready to rival all others. Godfather OG marijuana seeds have potent indica genes that include Granddaddy Purple and Kush blends, such as OG Kush Alpha OG and Bubba Kush. Growing these weed seeds may change your perception of high THC strains.
Godfather OG, a.k.a Godfather – the Don of all OG’s is a marijuana strain with fat nugs and high THC levels. The solution for anyone with high tolerance, this 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup winner contains large amounts of myrcene, followed by caryophyllene and limonene. You may find some humulene as well.
Growing Godfather OG Feminized Seeds
The Godfather OG cannabis plant is a sight to behold. Forest green buds complement the beautiful bursts of purple pistils. Purples and blue shades even appear in the leaves. Like many OG strains, it’s a small to medium height plant and will likely respond well to SCROG growing methods.
Godfather OG’s enigmatic nature is alluring, but the lack of confirmed data shouldn’t frustrate you. A successful Godfather OG yield is achievable, as it’s a very resilient plant.
Godfather OG plants are mold resistant. This is a useful benefit for its indica side, which leads it to produce large, dense nugs. But you must keep an eye on humidity. Godfather OG is not prone to pests and disease, but high humidity levels can impact results. Get the most from your harvest by watering, feeding, and topping as needed. Come harvest, enjoy an abundance of trichome-laden nugs rich in THC.
These are feminized seeds. Female plants, contrary to male plants, actually produce weed. They start flowering when they receive less light per day, i.e. in the Fall or when you manipulate the light cycle indoors. We advise reading our germination instructions for guaranteed results.
Preferred Climate
Godfather OG Kush seeds find comfort in cool and Mediterranean climates. The ideal environment would have warm summers and cool winters with mild rainfall. Godfather OG seeds prefer drier climates, so keep a close eye on those humidity levels. Maintaining an arid climate may reduce Godfather OG flowering time.
Godfather OG feminized seeds can be successfully grown outdoors, indoors, and in a greenhouse. This cannabis enjoys mostly consistent, moderate temperatures. For the highest THC level, limit your buds exposure to extreme temperatures (heat during the day, cold during the night). You can manage your humidity levels indoors with a dehumidifier.
Feeding Godfather OG Plants
Visit our nutrient section to get the right plant food for every grow stage.
We recommend giving your plants:
Marijuana Fertilizer – for optimal growth
Plant Protector – for the best protection
Flowering & Yield
Godfather OG plants aren’t too big. They’ll grow well indoors, in a greenhouse, and outdoors. They also respond well to SOG and SCROG techniques. Indoors, your Godfather OG yield will be 12 to 20 oz/per square meter. Indoors, this indica sativa grows to a medium height of roughly 2.3ft and 3.5ft (or 70cm to 100cm) and has a flowering time of 7-9 weeks. Drier climates may see a shorter flowering period.
The Godfather OG flowering time outdoors is 10-12 weeks. Outdoor growers in the Northern hemisphere harvest sometime from late September to early October. In the Southern hemisphere, plants reach maturity between March and April. Outdoor plants reach up to 6.5ft (190cm). Yields can be between 16-23 oz/plant.
Experiencing The Godfather OG Strain
Like the movie that shares its name, the effects of Godfather OG are unforgettable. This strain will have you question your existence. Or wonder how you got through those long weeks without it. Your mind takes a euphoric trip as you are lifted into cerebral bliss. No more stress, no more worry, no more concerns about tomorrow. All you’ll know is the moment you are in right now – and how truly incredible it feels.
As your mind settles into a happy buzz, the euphoria travels through your body, reaching your toes. A complete body-numbing high takes over. You’ll be totally content with yourself and the world around you. But be careful – this strain is much more potent than the average marijuana strain and will leave you with serious couch-lock. You may get the munchies, so keep your snacks close to avoid that dreaded walk to the kitchen. You may experience dry eyes, dry throat, and dry mouth, so eye drops and water are an absolute must.
Prepare your chill zone well to help you feel happy, relaxed, and unbothered by stress. The relaxing properties will soothe you, but you may also uncover some creative energy before those calming effects set in and you drift off to a happy and welcome sleep.
If you’re new to consuming marijuana or simply have a low THC tolerance, maybe pass on this strain. The THC level should not be ignored. But if you want to test your limits, use small amounts to pace yourself. You don’t want to feel paranoid or anxious suddenly. Even veteran users should follow this advice. We all know what happens when you disrespect the Godfather.
Godfather OG Smell and Taste
Godfather OG has a complex flavor profile that is a swirl of bitter, spicy and sweet. Thank its terpene profile. Myrcene has earthy muskiness, while limonene is in fruit like oranges and lemons. Caryophyllene has a spiciness like pepper, and humulene is crisp and bitter. These components create a complex aroma reminiscent of standing in a wine orchard. You’ll detect notes of grape, pine, wood, and herb with an air of florals. Soak up the fragrance of your natural surroundings.
When it comes to the aroma of this strain, Godfather OG is very accurate to the taste – a bitter spiciness undercut by hints of sweet fruit with a touch of sour. Grape and pine flavors balance the pepper and musk. You may even detect some rose-like qualities. Both taste and smell are pungent but enjoyable.
Uses for Godfather OG Fem Cannabis Strain
Godfather OG contains less than 0.7% CBD. But don’t underestimate its therapeutic prowess. Thanks to terpenes like myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene, it’s loaded with anti-inflammatory and mood-elevating properties. These properties go a long way in reducing the discomfort associated with joint pain, tension, body aches, and stress.
By soothing the muscles and putting the body in a state of relaxation, Godfather OG offers temporary relief from everyday aches and pains that can make the day difficult to get through. Coupled with the sedating effects of myrcene, users also found themselves able to sleep more comfortably. Even those who usually battle with insomnia found relief, sleeping more deeply and waking up refreshed.
Caryophyllene is a terpene known for its anti-anxiety qualities, and you’ll notice it when consuming Godfather OG. In much the same way the body is soothed, so is the mind and soul. Those who struggle with mood disorders, such as anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and even PTSD, have found themselves feeling lighter and unburdened.
Sometimes a mood disorder, like anxiety, can result in nausea or loss of appetite, but even these symptoms give way when faced with The Don of all OG’s. Overall, Godfather puts users in a state of serenity and comfort, free of chronic pain, worry, and general malaise. If you want to know where to buy Godfather OG seeds, look no further.
Buy Godfather OG Feminized Seeds
You can buy Godfather OG cannabis seeds as separate packs of 5, 10, or 20 seeds.
ILGM Guarantees
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